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Metal Gutter Repair in Haywards Heath | When to Call the Professionals for Gutter Repairs or Maintenance

Your guttering system is an essential part of your property because it forms part of the roof protection system. This directs water away from the building, helping protect foundations and brickwork. It also reduces erosion and prevents leaks as well as other water-related building issues. Consequently, it is important to realise when gutter cleaning, gutter repairs or gutter replacements are necessary. This will ensure you act quickly before damage occurs to your property.

Our team in Haywards Heath and the surrounding areas specialises in all things to do with guttering, including metal gutter repairs and fascias replacement. As such, we are in the perfect position to advise on the condition and maintenance requirements of rooflines.

Here are some key signs you need professional services:

Visible Gutter Damage

Damage you may notice from the ground includes cracks, holes, broken fasteners and parts of the guttering hanging off. It is important to check periodically for damage, especially after heavy storms. Some damage is repairable however, certain materials are more suitable for repair. For example, metal gutter repairs can be highly effective, but it is generally better to replace broken uPVC gutters.

If there is significant damage, gutter replacement is always the best option. This can include fascias replacement.

Misshapen Guttering

If your gutters in Haywards Heath don’t look the way they should, you likely need repairs or a replacement. Signs to look for include sagging gutters, seams which are coming apart and gutters pulling away from the roof. In some cases, sagging gutters simply require screws which penetrate deeper into the fascia board.


Gutters channel water and if they are not doing this correctly, property damage can quickly occur. Overflowing gutters, pooling water, leaks and water marks on external walls are all signs something isn’t right. Often, gutter cleaning is enough to resolve the issue. At Zac’s Gutters, we recommend periodic maintenance to prevent future issues with dirt or debris build up. For more advice on keeping your gutters in good shape, please see our top tips.

If the issue is more serious, gutter repairs may be needed, which can be in addition to cleaning. Where problems are likely to reoccur, gutter replacements and fascias replacements can be more cost-effective and offer homeowners in Haywards Heath greater peace of mind.


Without proper installation and care, metal gutters can develop rust. When left unchecked, rust quickly spreads and can render guttering completely useless. If you notice signs of rust early enough, our team can carry out metal gutter repairs to prevent further damage. This includes resolving the issue which caused the rust. For example, standing water is a common cause of rust, so we provide gutter cleaning to ensure the free flow of water through gutters and downpipes.

For metal gutter repair in Haywards Heath and the surrounding areas, call Zac’s Gutters on 07984 103928, 01293 972711 or 01444 702 054.

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